The Most Popular Tom Yum Noodle in Thailand

The DoDee Paidang special noodle recipe was invented by Jiraporn Anukoonpajit in Chachoengsao province around 30 years ago and has since opened branches in almost every other province around the country. After falling in love with the taste of the delicious spicy noodles on a return trip to Thailand we brought the franchise and opened stores in Sydney (Bondi, Cabramatta, CBD), Melbourne and now in Chatswood.

DoDee Noodles

30 years recipe noodle.

You will LOVE it.

Mango with sticky rice

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Our Story Begins In The East of Bangkok

With the sometimes difficult task of finding all the special ingredients from Thailand we have adapted the recipe using what can be souced locally. After 6 months of taste testing we believe have achieved the perfect balance to maintain the brand's reputation.

DoDee Paidang noodles are now one of the most famous noodles in Sydney.